Ian Freeman BSc


I’m an internationally recognised elite athlete performance and lifestyle advisor, exercise scientist, fitness/strength and conditioning coach, nutrition/hydration specialist, public speaker and academic. I am regularly called upon to work with world-class athletes including many Olympic and Paralympic gold medallists, in a wide range of sports over the last 15 years.

I hold a degree in exercise science and majored in physiology, incorporating fitness testing, profiling, athlete monitoring, evaluations and advising coaches on high performance issues.

I have also worked with athletes in the field of fitness development, strength and conditioning, the elite and young developing performers speed, strength, power, agility and flexibility to world class standards.

I am also much in demand as an expert in Performance Lifestyle Management and Long Term Athlete Development practices, which allow athletes to maximise their sport performance and lifestyle skills alongside optimising development at the correct points during their key growth stages thus maximising their overall potential for success.

As an education specialist I have presented hundreds of successful interactive workshops, presentations, lectures and training sessions around the world.

These include areas such as optimum nutrition, hydration, training aspects, fat loss, muscle building, recovery, injury prevention, motivation, exercise psychology, strength and conditioning, speed development, how to become a presenter, exercise physiology, lifestyle management, developing young athletes, talent identification and speaking at many coaching conferences.

I also work as a private performance consultant and mentor to a number of elite athletes, teams/squads and to one of the worlds leading sports clothing companies.

I am a regular family guy with my wife Claire and our two wonderful boys Elliot and little brother Dominic. I am an Ironman Triathlete multi finisher and former racing cyclist but you will find that I’m passionate about most sports.

Oh did I mention that I live this lifestyle to the full as well!!